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18 Months to Two Years Old

Our toddler's program emphasizes the development of every aspect of busy toddlers through our whole-child approach. We facilitate Brain/Cognitive, Social, Emotional, Physical, and Behavioral Development while aiding in the enhancement of communication, language, and literacy skills.

A girl writing and practicing her cognitive skills

Brain & Cognitive Development

At the successful conclusion of one of our Toddler Programs,

children will:


  • Understand quantity and numbers, as well as the concepts of distance, weight, dimensions, and time

  • Understand patterns, shapes, and mathematical problem-solving

  • Demonstrate an understanding of community, culture, ethnicity,  and geography

  • Demonstrate an awareness of community economics and how events are related.

  • Participate in dance, visual arts, voice, and drama while exploring the use of instruments and objects to express creativity.

Social & Emotional Development

With the aid of our highly skilled teachers, each child will:


  • Develop self-awareness

  • Engage in self-expression

  • Develop relationships and social skills with adults and peers

A girl sharing her crayon with her teacher
Toddlers being given objects to examine

Physical Development

Through a blend of engaging activities both inside and outside

of the classroom, toddlers will:


  • Practice safe, healthy habits

  • Participate in activities related to nutrition

  • Demonstrate an awareness of the body in space and its relationship  to objects in space

  • Use senses to explore the environment, process information, and make decisions

  • Develop gross motor skills

  • Develop fine motor skills

Behavioral Development

Before moving on to one of our Preschool Programs, we’ll ensure that each child:​​

  • Demonstrates initiative and self-direction

  • Demonstrates interest and curiosity

  • Sustains attention to a specific activity and demonstrates persistence

  • Engages in a progression of individualized and imaginative play

  • Demonstrates a cooperative and flexible approach to play

A young boy behaving himself as he's learning
A young girl learning how to write the letter "I"

Language & Literacy Development

By the conclusion of our Toddler Programs, each child will:


  • Listen to conversations and demonstrate comprehension

  • Acquire vocabulary introduced in conversations, activities, stories,  and books

  • Use non-verbal communication for a variety of purposes

  • Use increasingly complex spoken language

  • Demonstrate increasing knowledge of the alphabet

  • Demonstrate awareness of print concepts

  • Use writing for a variety of purposes

  • Acquire meaning from a variety of materials read aloud

  • Develop early phonological awareness

Toddlers (18 Months to Two Years Old)

$225 per week

Yearly Fees:

Registration: $100

Supplies: $75

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