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Six Weeks to 18 Months Old

Our Oaks Learning Center program has been carefully designed to deliver a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment with activities to help children achieve important milestones while having fun and learning. Every day reveals an exciting new world for babies in our care. Learning and development start long before birth and accelerate rapidly afterward.

Shield for a safe and secure enviroment

Safe and Secure

Talking head for language development


A magnified heart to search for social and emotional development

Social and Emotional

Where a child can learn and grow, and families can rest assured that appropriate monitoring and safety standards are in place.

Sign Language techniques to help nonverbal children effectively communicate their needs with caregivers and peers, leading to more met needs and a more nurturing environment.

A safe and comforting place for focusing on love and trust.

A brain to grow physical and mental development
Check list for daily reports

Physical and Mental


Weekly lesson plans cover all of the new, stimulating activities each child will practice and learn with us.

Keep parents informed about their child’s emotional, physical, and educational development.

Infants must continually build knowledge and connect new ideas to what they already know and do. We understand the unmatched energy and curiosity of infants. As such, we are confident our program fills their day with challenging and engaging activities to build on previous knowledge and present them with new opportunities to grow while still fostering important developmental skills and making learning fun!

Infants (Six Weeks Old to 18 Months Old)

$225 per week

Yearly Fees:

Registration: $100

Supplies: $75

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