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Three to Five Years Old

Teacher teaching her students vowels
Prechooler posing for his graduation pictures
Little girl learning the alphabet

Our preschool program for children ages three to five ensures that every child receives the foundation needed for kindergarten. To do this, we use Abeka preschool curriculum because it prepares children

for a lifetime of learning. Abeka features a traditional approach to teaching and learning,

cross-subject integration, spiral review, and plenty of hands-on activities. In addition, we integrate a Bible curriculum into our program to ensure that each child receives a solid spiritual foundation. With these curriculums, our Preschool Program provides children with the environment, nutrition, safety, knowledge, and tools they need to keep their active minds growing and learning.

We currently offer a five-day program at our Red Oak campus, open 55 hours per week, and a four-day program at our Red Oak and Cedar Hill Campuses, open 30 hours per week. Both programs offer 30 hours of academic curriculum, with our five-day program including daycare hours in the mornings, afternoons, and all-day Fridays. Please contact us for more information regarding our programs. 

Young boy practing his writing skills
Young girl posing for her gradutation picture
Teacher helping her students write letters
Developmentally Appropriate Practices

Each guided activity, station, and procedure is tailored to fit a growing, eager preschooler. We prepare children for elementary school and beyond by building the foundation they need to thrive. Each day, the classroom participates in activities that are customized to each child’s abilities and growth.

Hands-On Involvement

By using teacher-directed and self-directed activities, children are encouraged to learn through engaging, hands-on approaches that allow each child to explore their surroundings.

Decision Making & Problem Solving Skills

Starting at this age, children learn not only to react to their surroundings but to anticipate, decide, and solve the problems in front of them. Our programs offer safe, nurturing environments for preschoolers to begin building these important skills.

Character Development

Emotional, behavioral, and social skills are developed through our programs to help children grow into healthy, happy, and well-adjusted citizens.


Preschoolers in our programs learn to build and grow their vocabulary in preparation for kindergarten and beyond.

Social-Emotional Activities

As they grow, preschoolers learn how to display their emotions and interact with their peers and teachers. Our programs are developed to further guide a child’s social-emotional growth through positive interactions with those around them.

Literacy Skills

Learning to read is an exciting time in a child’s life! Preschoolers will start putting their alphabet skills to work as they learn to read together in groups and during individual times.

Small Group Instruction

Using small group time to explore new concepts and activities increases a preschooler’s chance to explore with positive guidance while learning to cooperate and work together with their peers.


5 Day Program:

Red Oak Campus - $210 per week

4 Day Program:

Red Oak Campus - $170 per week

Cedar Hill Campus - $170 per week

Yearly Fees:

Registration: $100

August Supply Fee: $150

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